Hari Singh & Sons has been an active member of the photo-goods industry for several decades. The company began operations with trading of photographic equipment. As a result of consistently striving to bring about improvement, manufacturing activities began in 1969. The initial product range consisted of a few camera-stands and a black / white enlarger. Hari Singh & Sons then became an OEM supplier to Agfa Gavaert India Ltd., supplying enlargers, tungsten studio lights and glazing machines. The firm’s activities in the manufacturing sector have, since, grown substantially and our comprehensive product portfolio testifies this. We have a well-established unit with all the requisite infrastructure for a production line that provides precision and high quality.

Consistent efforts towards achieving higher quality have lead to the company being certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company since July 2003.
At Hari Singh & Sons a lot of emphasis is laid on product development & quality control. Products are constantly upgraded with the objective of providing a better quality to the customer at an affordable price. Our product range is also constantly modified to keep in step with the changing trends in photography.
We believe in long-lasting business relationships, and we strive to conduct our business in an atmosphere where fair business practices are a norm. Our channel partners, in turn, provide us with valuable feedback and a firm presence in the market.

Our Quality Statement:

We are committed to provide products that reflect the changing need of our customers. Our products should be of high quality, durable and affordable.

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