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DigiLux 455

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  • The DigiLux 455 fluorescent light produces a bright and soft continuous light.
  • This light emitted by color-corrected fluorescent tubes enables faithful reproduction – be it of vibrant floral hues, soft skin-tones or the golden sheen of jewellery.
  • High frequency ballasts provide flicker-free operation while ensuring a low energy consumption and longer lamp life.
  • Accessories such as the diffusers soften the light further while reflective barn-doors effectively double the light output.
  • The body of the light is made from high-grade aluminium sheet.
  • Available in black powder-coated finish.
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Product Description

Digi Lux 455
 Lamp & Power Four Compact 55 watt lamps
 Lux at 0.9m (3ft)
(with reflective barn-door)
(without reflective barn-door)

 Rated Colour Temp. of tubes 5300° K
 CRI 90+
 Dimensions(mm) 740X400X82
 Weight(Kg) 6

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